Japanese students use doll for medical teaching

Fresh ideas! Japanese university medical students use super-realistic "physical dolls" for medical teaching

更新日 2021年08月20日

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Fresh ideas! Japanese university medical students use super-realistic "physical dolls" for medical teaching

Speaking of Sex Dolls, the appearance of "real human sex dolls" must come to mind. Apart from a large number of large figure lovers who are singles, it is believed that the most in need of "love sex dolls" in the world is nothing more than Everbright medical students.


In medical teaching, they are indispensable hand training tools. So they are generally simpler.

I don’t have any bold ideas when I look at it to normal people, right? Because they are just modules shaped like human beings. But in Japan next door to the ocean, it’s different. In order to make medical students face medical operations more realistically and face patients, they made this medical teaching tool similar to physical dolls, or even more real. Many students said that Few people can be calm and composed when facing it.

This Japanese sex doll is an oral medical robot developed by Showa University in Tokyo, Japan, named Hanako, which is specially designed for dental students.


In order to make the experience more real, the researchers designed it to look like a young girl, with clean eyes and beautiful skin.

Like the Chinese sex dolls sold on the market, its muscles and skin are made of TPE or medical silicone. The texture is very close to human flesh, and it is very similar to real people whether it is touched or handled. It is the most real and most terrifying place. Yes, even the tongue in the mouth does the real thing. 

According to the researcher, Hanako's eyes, eyebrows, and chin can be moved, and even watery liquid can be discharged when opening his mouth. At the same time, it slowly relaxes the jaw muscles to imitate fatigued patients. The degree of realism is breathtaking.


At first, thinking about facing such a beautiful "person" made people feel uneasy. But when these dental students really want to start surgery, they are more afraid and uneasy. Because Hanako not only looks like a human, it can actually act like a human being "crazy".

For example, when medical students make mistakes or use too much force during oral surgery, they will make painful sounds and make hideous expressions. The weird response is really scary.

It is precisely because of this that Hanako can effectively reflect the skill level of medical students, allowing them to discover their shortcomings in time, and by the way, they can also exercise their psychological endurance, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.


In fact, Hanako's small sex dolls can be traced back ten years ago. At that time, the dental medicine teaching of Showa University was already in use. At that time, the first-generation products were still relatively rough, and it can be said to be hideous. Coupled with the violent reactions mentioned above, one can imagine how scared the students at the time were.

Therefore, when the researchers developed the second-generation Hanako, the main improvement was the appearance. For this reason, they even hired a Japanese anime doll maker to participate in the design and production, and made the robot into a sweet and moving look like a real doll.

Think about it, although its response to oral surgery is scary. But the editor thinks that when we go for oral surgery, we may also be frightened out of all kinds of "weird" appearances, not much better than this.

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